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We can also take on any acccident repair work including vehicles that have been an insurance write-off, Category C or Category D.

When an insurance company decides to "write-off" your vehicle, it is because they have had an estimate for the necessary repair work from one of their authorised accident repair centres.  If the estimate is more than 70% of that vehicles "book" value, then the insurance company will generally pay the policy holder a settlement instead of repairing the vehicle.  This is because by the time they have paid for the repairs, the administration costs involved, the transport and storage of the vehicle and possibly a courtesy vehicle for you to drive while your car is repaired - it's not financially viable to for them to repair the vehicle.

a Category D write off BMW

However, their authorised repair centres charge very high labour rates, have supply contracts with expensive suppliers and only use brand new genuine parts.  We can usually repair a vehicle for a fraction of the insurance companies estimate, making the repair very worthwile. 

In some cases you may not wish to claim off your insurance if no other parties were involved and you don't want to lose your no-claims bonus.  Maybe the car is worth far more to you than it's "book" value... What ever the situation is we can take your accident damaged vehicle and bring it back to life.

We have hydraulic pulling equipment to straighten a damaged chassis, we can cut away damaged body sections and weld in new ones and we can strip and replace any damaged mechanical components.  If a new MOT or a VIC (Vehicle Identity Check) ir required, we can arrange for these to be done before you collect your vehicle.