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» Minor Repairs

Whether somebody bumped a trolley into your pride and joy in a car park, you dropped your motorbike off it's stand or you've noticed your van has a rusty wheel arch...we can get it sorted for you with a minimum of fuss and get it back to you to ASAP.

repair to a rusty wheel arch


These things can be such a hassle, mainly due to the inconvenience of being without your vehicle while the work is carried out but they can also be expensive to fix.  We aim to work around you to minimise the inconvenience.  For instance, if your vehicle is your work van and you need it Monday to Friday to earn your living, we can arrange to carry out your repairs at the weekend so it's ready to go again by Monday morning. 

It may be possible to pull out a dent without having to do any actual panel beating and so the panel may not need to be repainted.  Light scratches may be polished out with our electric mops and if this is not possible a "local" repair may be possible where only part of the affected panel is repainted and blended into the original paintwork. 

In short, we will make every effort to get your vehicle looking right with the minimum cost to you, we will never do more than necessary to bump up the value of a job.